Monsieur Lavallée


A Very Clever Word Play!


Monsieur Lavallée loved language and wordplay and word games. He was completely delighted to share with me this very, very complex wordplay…in French, of course!

“antidisestablishmentarianism” was a very popular word at that moment in the culture…thanks to a popular quiz show on TV.


Bebe Dort


When Dylan was born, Monsieur Lavallée gave us this lovely poem….that he dated 1911. It seemed to be still in process! So curious! He gave it to us in 1969. Haven’t ever quite figured it out…


Dear Mother-to-be


It is amazing to think of culture in the time of writing notes and “politesse”. Whenever I visited Monsieur Lavallée, he always had a display in his room of things that I had brought or sent to him.




In the early days, long before thinking “archivally”, we kept such notes pinned to bulletin boards, where they were subject to the effects of an active household. They always meant so much, that they were saved. Although they aren’t in pristine condition, they bring back vivid memories of the writer…an extraordinary gentleman…Monsieur Paul Lavallée!


Nov. 1972…Monsieur Lavallée’s message on Dylan’s third birthday


Written in war time…what a message!




Monsieur Lavallée was having difficulty walking, which he cited as one reason for not being able to accept my invitation for him to visit. He also cites all of the things he needed to do…his linguistic work for possible publication…watering the plants, taking care of Georgette…one of the other members of the house of hospitality.


Monsieur Lavallée’s Obituary


This is a fascinating obituary…for the historic references. We plan to visit Monsieur Lavallée’s grave site in autumn…