Jacques So Peaceful September 29, 1981


One glorious autumn day in 1981, we took Jacques upstate for a day of apple-picking. He was enchanted! He climbed trees and danced in the orchard, but what I remember most was how perfect and peaceful he was sleeping in the brilliant fall sunlight. It was a joy to see him that calm and still.

Jacques So Peaceful II September 29, 1981


Jacques and my son Dylan…and one of our great bags of apples…A perfect day.

Mitch, Dylan, and Jacques September 29, 1981


It was an absolutely perfect autumn day. The orchard was lovely and calming.

To Dylan: Apple Picking sept. 29 ’81

To Dylan Apple Picking with Mom, Mitch, and Jacques

To Dylan Apple Picking with Mom, Mitch, and Jacques

Jacques, Connie, and Dylan Picking Apples Up High


On that wonderful autumn apple-picking day in 1981, we brought along one of my students, Connie Tang, who was (and is) remarkable in many ways.

Upstate Apples Sept. 29 ’81


Jacques did this quick pen & ink sketch in the orchard. He was transported whenever he was sketching or painting. As I’ve mentioned, he took so little time for himself. A moment like this was rare, and he relished it.