Adventures with Jacques

Jacques was totally devoted to those who lived in his house of hospitality. He was a rigorous professor who was dedicated to his students. He was a dear friend to many in all walks of life.  Jacques was devout, and his faith was uncomplicated in that he practiced those teachings that he held dear. He loved his family, and even from afar, stayed in very close touch.

So, it was hard for him to take much time for himself. As his second (or perhaps third) “family”, we were sometimes able to propose an adventure and spirit him away from all of his responsibilities…just for a little while.

Here are images and some of Jacques’ art from an apple-picking trip Upstate New York in 1981, and a trip to Montréal in 1984. It was rare that he really rested…or had a break, but he definitely did have fun on these two adventures.