Jacques’ Art

When Jacques passed away, a memorial was held at Brooklyn College. I curated an exhibition of Jacques’ drawings, watercolors, and prints. His colleagues were astonished! After working with him for so many years, they had no idea that he was such an accomplished artist.

There are Brooklyn scenes in Brighton Beach, and Prospect Park, and scenes of different places in France. He loved cats and they became a favorite subject for him.

When we saw him in France in March and April of 1987, Jacques was still able to be Jacques. Among our other adventures, we went together to the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis, just outside of Paris, and walked among the tombs of the French kings and queens.

That visit was the last time that we saw each other and I can still feel the intense sadness of our last moments together.

Jacques would always say that he needed NOTHING but to be with us, but he ALWAYS loved getting art supplies as gifts. Some of the images that I am posting are the very last drawings and watercolors that he did in France before his passing with paints and pastels we had brought for him en route.

There is a lot of material and this will take some time…but ultimately, the many aspects of Jacques’ extraordinary life will be revealed.